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Let's build tomorrow's clinic, today.

Future of Care is an annual, New York City-based, medical entrepreneurship technology conference that convenes entrepreneurial, clinical, and financial stakeholders to facilitate the design, development, and successful integration of positively impactful medical technologies.

Join us on Saturday, October 21, 2017, at prestigious Rockefeller University, for one full day of riveting talks, skill-building workshops, and fine wine with pioneers and luminaries collectively running the gamut of medical innovation. Read on below to get acquainted with this year's cast of technology mavens. And because we firmly believe that the staples of tomorrow's clinic can originate from anyone, anywhere - Future of Care is free!

Pick up a future-proof skill at one of our afternoon workshops.


Data Exchange & Interoperability

  • Discover what makes health data exchange so difficult

  • Discover why HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is actually "catching FHIR " with EHR's and government

  • Explore the FHIR protocol itself and the application framework SMART on FHIR

  • Deploy a minimal example SMART on FHIR app that is compatible with the major EHR's

3D Design: Rapid Prototyping

  • Discover the main components of 3D design and prototyping

  • Discover how the once time and resource-intensive process of prototyping has recently become highly democratized

  • Familiarize yourself with basics of 3D printing

  • Create a scaled-up model of a simple medical device

Health & Medical Data Science

  • Plunge into data science with an introduction to statistics and machine learning

  • Explore common algorithms through interactive tutorials

  • Discover what machine learning can (and can't) do

  • Apply what you've learned to current problems in medicine

Get to know our speakers, they're fantastic.

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